Steamer Clothing Tag Tips

The answer to keeping your clothes fit no matter what it says on the clothing tab is to use a clothing machine. Almost all of the different types of clothing fabrics which exist can tolerate steamer treatments. The reason being the steam is never used directly to the clothing. A breathing of steam only touches it. This is true whether you are using a regular sized steamer or the a Traveling Steam Iron.

Some clothing labels will advice taking a garment to a dry cleaner or washing it on the delicate cycle. This is not essential any more if you have a Tobi Steamer. You shouldn’t ignore the instructions on a clothing tag completely but using these vapor cleaners is certainly one way of keeping your own clothes clean in a pinch. It can save you a great deal of money too because dried out cleaning and buying expensive clothing cleansers can add up over time.

Steam cleaning is very safe and using a Tobi is one way of completely minimizing damage. Furthermore you can reduce odor as well as other problems by using this handy little steam-cleaning unit. It is very simple to clean your clothes thoroughly, especially if you are on a vacation because using either the Tobi Travel Cleaner or the Tobi steam cleaner shoots out such very hot steam that it has an antibacterial effect.

You just don’t run the risk of tearing it, ruining the color, shrinking this or the other problems that you can encounter while hand washing or machine-washing a garment. Steaming is an option to just about any cleaning treatment that is suggested on a tag including the universal symbols for washing, ironing and dry cleaning. The universal symbol intended for steam cleaning does exist however it is not frequently seen on clothes garments. It is because not that many people know yet about how a hand held steam cleaner to be.

The Tobi travel steamer also provides an easy and expedient way to removes wrinkles from your clothing. Unlike regular irons these travel irons are light and there is no risk of burning your suit or outfit just times before that big date.

However the Tobi steamer is very versatile you can’t use it on every single fabric available. For instance it would not be suitable for make use of on leather, suede or polyvinyl. Be sure it is a fabric that can tolerate heat and moisture. One way to discover this out is to look at the clothing label. If you can’t put it in the dryer then it may not take well to steam cleaning particularly if it is a good odd or offbeat fabric such as polyvinyl or nylon blend.
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Suede could also stain if you use steam cleansing on it.